iMac - Concept

This is my vision of how could evolve the iMac in the next few years, with the introduction of ARM processors in the Mac lineup. Moving to ARM architecture will make possible to have fast, quiet and more efficient computers in a very slim package.

The main features of this concept are the thin bezels of the display, the FaceID (for easy unlock the iMac), the thin chassis and the base with integrated AirPower. Thanks to AirPower integration, users can charge wirelessly Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and the new Magic Keyboard with integrated TouchBar.

It is also possible to charge iPhone and AirPods as well. This iMac includes also a backup battery, ultrafast SSD storage and six Thunderbolt 3 ports.

OTRE | Falper | Cristalplant


Cristalplant | FALPER | Icons Design Contest 2018


Of the tenth edition of the Cristalplant® Design Contest for the wall and countertop hand-rinse basin category.

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Otre è nato con l’intenzione di coniugare materiale e forma con un significato metaforico. 

Il punto di partenza è stata la forma archetipa dell’otre con il significato metaforico che porta in dote. L’otre veniva utilizzata come contenitore per il trasporto dei liquidi. Il punto di forza era la capacità di adattare la forma alla superficie cui veniva posata. Da qui l’idea di creare una superficie continua e fluida che sembrasse posata delicatamente alla parete, assumendone la forma.

Una volta definito il concept, mi sono focalizzato sulla forma. Desideravo fosse molto semplice ma allo stesso tempo non banale, con l’obiettivo di valorizzare le proprietà del Cristalplant. 

La forma di Otre contribuisce a dare l’impressione che sia quasi completamente staccato dalla parete e sorretto unicamente dal rubinetto, posizionato sul lembo rastremato che lo incornicia. Infine il bordo smussato delinea l’intero lavamani disegnandone la forma.

Urban Helmet

Urban Helmet

Minimal Bicycle Helmet

Urban Helmet is a concept of a bicycle helmet specific for everyday use. It has a minimal design with neutral colors and matte surface finishings.

The idea was to create an helmet that can differentiate among the current products on the market, most of them with a sport oriented design and colors.

Urban Helmet has little openings on the front and on the back, allowing at the same time the correct air flow and protecting the user from water in a rainy day.

The process started with market research, hand sketching and Photoshop sketching. Then, for the modeling part I used PTC Creo and Keyshot for the renderings.

The brief was to create an urban helmet and modeling it with PTC Creo.
The modeling approach is top down parametric modeling by surfaces. The challenge was to achive G2 continuity in the patch layout.



Autodesk Inventor Modelling - Adobe Dimensions Rendering

Download 3D model



Valtra H202 Series Concept

Valtra H202 Concept

H202 concept is an hydrogen fuel cell electric tractor equipped with advanced autonomous driving system, focused on time optimisation and cooperation with the user. H202 includes also technologies such as Laser and Oled lights, advanced active safety and remote management.

Autonomous driving

Oled Lighs

Oled Lighs

Autonomous driving

One of the most important themes is the environment attention. Reducing the environment footprint of these working machines could reduce the amount of resources needed to produce food. For the H202 I have chosen hydrogen fuel cell with electric power train. Electric engine has a huge constant torque, it’s clean and requires less maintenance, making it a good successor for diesel engines. H202 is equipped with fuel cell that produces electricity from hydrogen. Batteries could also be charged directly at the farm, using a plug or wireless inductive charging. Hydrogen could be obtained from methane produced with anaerobic digesters directly on the farm. In this way the footprint of the whole farm will be significantly reduced.

Humans are very good at finding a creative solution to an unexpected situation, for this reason the farmer must be able to drive the tractor. Machines are at the opposite and combining human and machine capabilities could improve productivity optimising time.

For this reason H202 has advanced autonomous driving that will be able to complete complex and repetitive tasks working around the clock. Tractors management will be tightly integrated with farm’s production plan, taking advantage from big data to get informations about cultivations, meteo and soil, will be possibile to optimise time and resources. For instance, tasks not requiring farmer interaction will be placed during the night. Autonomous driving technology will also improve active safety, taking over the driver in potentially dangerous situations proactively (avoiding accidents, sleep blows, rollover). Other features are separate electric engines for PTO, remote control via app and laser and oled technology for lights. It comes also with a cabin version.

The design is an evolution of the archetypal form of the tractor, making it immediately recognisable.

Porsche 911 - Autodesk Alias

Porsche 911 - Autodesk Alias Modeling

3D modeling and rendering exercise of Porsche 911 Carrera S. For the surfacing I used Autodesk Alias and the main challenge was to create continuous surfaces with continuity between them.

For the rendering I used Autodesk VRED and Keyshot, with Photoshop post production and compositing.

Alias Model

Audi Q4 e-tron Concept

Audi Q4 e-Tron Concept

Concept of an hypothetical Audi Q4 with short front and rear overhangs combined with an elongated wheelbase, the concept maximizes
the amount of interior space available for an
SUV of this size. Envisioned to be a sleeker, more modern representation of Audi’s current high- riding offerings, the virtual car adopts a front fascia proposing a new take on Audi’s corporate singleframe grille and flanked by slender laser LED headlights.

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Autodesk Alias model